Edgetypes for your Stone
Ricon offers 3 choices for the edge of your stone that are both included in the price of your stone. We have a few others that you can choose from that you pay extra by the linear foot to have. Below are the names prices and pictures of each.
Demi-Bull or Half Bullnose - Included with the Stone at No extra Charge From Ricon's first beginnings in about 1992 until about 2009 this was the most popular edge chosen. It is now the favorite approximately 40%
Pencil Round   -Extra charge per linear ft. This edge is offered at half the price of a "fancy edge" which is $7.50 per ft. This is because this edge must be done by hand. This edge is almost
what you would call the "half way point" between the flat and the Demi-bull edges. 
Flat Polish or Square Edge - Included at no extra Charge
This is a totaly Square Edge but we have rounded the top and bottom corner just a hair as to keep the stone from being sharp
Now becoming the all around favorite edge choice. 
Bevel Edge  - Extra charge per linear ft. This edge is offered at 
1/2 the price of a "fancy edge" which will be $7.50 per linear ft.
this is due to the fact that this edge must be shaped by hand.
This is a 45 Degree Edge and you can make it any size by changing the angle or amount of stone that we shave off.
The edges that follow below are the "high paying edges" or "Fancy Edges" each one of these can be added to any area of your countertops that you want for an additional charge per linear foot. Most of these edges are only able to be done on 3cm stone. The 2cm is too thin for them.
Ogee Edge - Can be added for $15.00 per linear foot
The most popular of the Fancy Edges
Ogee + Full Bull - Can be added for $15.00 per linear foot
This is a small Ogee Edge over a Full-bull nose at the bottom.
Tripple Pencil or Waterfall - Can be added for $15.00 per linear foot
This is 3 very small Demi-Bull's stepping out from one another
This is a Chisseled Edge - Has to be priced on a job per job basis
It is an edge commonly used on honed or natural finished stone.
It sort of makes the stone look like you dug it up out of the yard.
We can also Laminate Edges with a combination of any of the above to give the illusion that the stone is much thicker than it actually is. Basically laminating the edge is taking a small piece of the stone and glueing it under the edge so that it appears to be twice as thick as it actually is. You can put and Ogee edge with Tripple Pencil underneath it, Or any Combination. I have taken a few pictures to give you an idea.

Full Bullnose Laminate w Brass inbetween the stone
Side View of Same
Ogee over Tripple Pencil
Side View of Same
Bevel over Demi-Bull with small Black piece inbetween
Side View of same
Tripple Laminate with Transluecent center
Same Table with interior lighting
Two 3cm Pieces with a 2cm piece of transluecent Onyx inbetween
Side view of same
Three 3cm Pieces with different color stone inbetween
Demi-Bull over Ogee over Full-Bull and stepping it out each time
Demi-Bull over 2 Flat polished pieces over Demi-Bull, A total of Four 2cm pieces
Sideview of Same
Double 3cm Full Bullnose
Side View of Same
We can also make many Specialty items. Below are some pictures of Cabinet door knobs made from stone, light switch plates, outlet covers, cabinet handles, and some Bowls. Just a few things that we are able to do here at Ricon. Some of these items can get a little expensive but some of them are suprisingly cheap considering they are hand carved out of stone!!
Regular cabinet know with stone insert to match countertop
More inserts
Cabinet handle with Stone insert
Full Stone cabinet knob
Full Stone cabinet knob
Full Stone single light switch plate
Double wall outlet plate
Tripple light switch plate cover
Medium sized headstone for Halloween decoration
Close up of the Same
Tablet with the Ten Commandments
Close up of the same
Large Bowl made out of several pieces of 2cm Black Fossil
Side View of Bowl
Another Bowl in a Tear drop shape
Side View of Tear drop bowl