Granite Shield sealer is available for an additional charge to be applied to any stone surface, whether or not you purchase your stone from Ricon or not, it can also be very effective on stone that has already been in your home for years. On all but 2 colors of Granite Countertops it protects 100% from any Stains and is 100% Maintenance free. Absolute Black and Blue Bahia are two granites that are known as "calcite based stones", which makes it similar to Marble, Travertine, and Limestone, in that, it can be Etched by any acidic liquids, drinking alcohol and liquids with harsh abrasives in them such as some everyday house hold cleaners and soaps. This also means that for those stones, they can be stained by a liquid that has both color and etching ability. This is not covered in the warranty. There is no product on the market that can prevent those two granites, marble, travertine, and limestone from being etched. This should be considered very carefully before deciding to use these stones, expecially for a kitchen. We will proudly install them for you, but you should be aware that they can be damaged no matter what we do to protect them. With that being said, the Granite Shield still helps with this concern because it does protect against all of the other multitude of things that make those stones very easy to damage. For more detailed information on this please go to or call Jason at 225-317-2622


We are able to put Granite shield on any stone product, your appliances, your sinks, your tile backsplashes, your floors, and yes even your toilet bowl. Wich will make these items much easier to clean and less susceptible to stains. 

Many of the normal things you use in your kitchen will damage stones such as Marble, Travertine, Limestone, and even at least 2 granites that are considered to be calcite based stones. This means that these stones are made up of fossilized organic materials which are very susceptible to etching which can be done by, lemon juice, cleaners with abrasives, soaps with high detergent levels, Wine (due to its acidity level) and even water that has a lower PH level than 7. Most city water companies require your water to be between a 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 PH level. So the water right out of your faucet can actually etch the surface of some of these materials. Please consider this before using them in high traffic areas such as a kitchen. Many people do it, and every one sees it in magazines, but if you could call the homeowner of that beautiful kitchen you saw with marble in that magazine, I bet you they would tell you that they well never use marble in the kitchen again. Now with all that being said, if you are very aware of what to avoid, and you use the stones listed with a honed finish as opposed to a high polished finish, most people can manange it. Please speak to Jason about this before you make your final decision.
Below are 2 pages of Granite Shield's Maintenance and Cleaning instructions. Please read over carefully
Below are the three pages of Granite Shield's Warranty Information. Please read over carefully.
This is Granite Shield's Warranty Registration Card. You will recieve one with your paperwork, It is important to keep this because Granite Shield requires you to produce it when you register online and anytime you may have a warranty issue.
 They now have a 409 for Stone!!
Click this link to be taken to Granite Shield's Website where you can get even more information about their product. Granite Shield