Ricon Natural Stone Project Photos.

The following photos are from completed jobs that Ricon has done. You can use these photos to view some of our work, help you plan how a stone will look in your house, see how some of the colors of stone look with some of the different cabinet colors or just view some of the interesting work that we have done. We will be updating the gallery on a regular basis and adding new photos as we continue to provide Louisiana with the highest quality of stone fabrication and installation available.

Ricon performed this job for a restaurant on the 21st floor of the Capitol One building overlooking the lake in Lake Charles, LA. Notice that we inlaid the name of the restaurant right into the surface of their bartop with a semi-tanslucent stone so that when the lights underneath the bar were turned on the name of the resteraunt would glow. Also we added the translucent panels along the bottom of the bar so they would also glow with the bar lights on. The bartop was made from a 3cm Black Galaxy that was laminated to have a double thickness of 6cm on the edge with a full-bullnose round over. The stone that we inlaid for the name as well as the stone for the panels underneath the bartop was made from a 2cm Honey Onyx.

Below is an image gallery of thumbnail photos that you can look through to get ideas about your own job or to just look at some of the work that we have done. If you click on any thumbnail, it will then enlarge to the size of the page for you to look closely. We plan to try and continue to add new photos of the jobs we are performing. Check back to see more soon.
We added the bump-out detail around the corners at no extra charge.
We added the design around the corners at no extra charge.
We have the equiptment to measure any specific desgin and fabricate the stone to fit exactly!
Full slab shower walls that match the vanity tops and tub deck. Very nice.
Trimming out the shower door is a less expensive way to bring your vanity tops and shower tile together.
Our fabrication machines can make any detail no matter how large or small, most of the time for no additional charge.
Here we ran the backsplash in one straight line so that the mirror will have a place to sit.
Fire place and Hearth
We built this mantel and fireplace surround custom to the design provided by the customer.
This tub deck was made all from one slab, no seams. Expensive but worth it. We also used a tall backsplash and made a window sill from the same stone
True Story!!!! The job above was installed 2 days before the pictures were taken...
Ricon received a call by a frantic customer almost literally in tears. I had spoken to them about a month prior to give them a price on doing granite in their kitchen. I didn't hear back from them and just assumed that it wasnt time to do the job yet. They explained that they had chosen a competitor of ours that had been in  buisiness here in Baton Rouge for over 10yrs to fabricate the stone in their kitchen because the estimate was several hundred dollars cheaper. I will leave this competitor nameless out of respect for the dead...This competitor required the customer to pay 3/4 of the price of the job upfront as a deposit. When the job was almost done, the customers returned home to find that the pieces didnt fit properly, the seams that the company made were, in their words, "worse than grout line spaces between ceramic tiles". The backsplashes were all pieced together and at the tops of them didnt even match up, as in, the splash on the left was 4 1/8" tall and the splash seamed to it was 3 7/8" tall...also around their sink, the company had used 4 pieces, one in front, one in back, one on the left and one on the right. This is called a "strip-in undermount" and many companies do it so they can save material and not have to have one big piece with a hole made in it that fits the sink. Many companies do the "strip-in", and Ricon will if you insist on it for some reason, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND against it. It just looks horrible. Anyway, Upon going out to the job to inspect it with this new potential customer, we felt really bad and agreed that the job was very SUB-STANDARD. We quoted a price to tear it out and replace it for them, now at a discount of course. They agreed and paid us to do the job correctly. Above is a picture array of before and after shots so that you can judge for yourself. So in the end, this customer went with a competitor because the price was a few hundred dollars cheaper than ours and quickly found out why. They ended up paying more than double our original quote because of the additional tear our of the original job. Upon completion of the job the homeowner told us " If we would have had any idea whatsoever that there were companies in buisiness that preformed work that looked like so bad, I would have never  tried to save a few bucks on my Granite countertops". Now of course everyone wants to get the best possible job for the lowest price, you just have to be careful. Ricon has a set price that we do each color of stone for, we are not used car salesmen, and dont haggle about the price, HOWEVER... if you have a reasonable quote for your job that is lower than ours, we will always try to do everything we can to get your price down to where you need it to be so that Ricon can preform your job. We never want something like what is shown above to happen to ANYONE!! In the 12 years that Ricon has been doing countertops in Baton Rouge, we have been hired to remove a competitors SUB-STANDARD job over 17 times...17 times a customer got a job from a company that was so horrible that they paid twice just so they were not stuck with a job that looked like it was the cheapest in town...
Below is a competitor's job we had to remove because of how bad it was! We have done this 17 times in 12 years!!
Along with the granite tops here we also laid the design in the backsplash.
Here we laminted the edge to be double thick (6cm) and then made the finished edging step out from each other.
Here we added a design to the overhang side of the island at no extra charge.
Here we added floating shower seats as well as trimming out the soap-shampoo cubby to dress up the tile shower
Here we trimmed out the shower opening to match the vanity and tubdeck stone.
Full shower door trim along with threshold to match vanity and tub deck
Closer view of shower door trim.
Here we added a curve design to the overhang side of the island as well as some detail bump-outs around the sink, at no extra charge.
Here we notched the back of the vanity tops so that the splashes could slide in behind for a nice clean look
Along with the granite tops we also added the design around the stove in the backsplash
We laminated the edge to be double thick as well as adding a small brass strip between the two edges, this was the customers own custom design idea.
We custom built this sink out of the same stone as the countertop.
Here we added nicer edge onto the backsplash (for an additonal charge) as well as making it to the cusotmers custom design shape.
Here we added a curved design to the front of the low center top to set it apart from the rest at no extra charge. (customers request)
A closer look at the same top which also shows the edging the we put onto the front of the vanity tops as well as along the top of the backsplash for an additional charge.
Here we added the brass strip again in between the double thick laminated edge. (customers design)
Along witht the granite tops we also added the detial all through the backsplash with metal designs.
Here we laminated the edge of the stone to be double thick.
We customized the backsplash to the customers design specifications to make a more streamline look, at no extra charge.
Can you see the seam?
Custom design shape around the overhang to use more like a table.
Custom designed by the architect to serve as a vanity and a shelve over the toilet.
Here we did everything, raised hearth, the face underneath, the floating mantel and the fireplace surround.
Here we used all slab to make the stone part of an all glass and stone shower.
Same shower looking more at the top half.
Here the customer wanted all stone. Trimming out the opening of the tub, tubdeck, steps, vanity top and skirt around the tub.
Here we had a special design shape for the island and bar as well as adding the outlet cutouts in the slab splashes for no additional charge.
Outside grill area custom designed to have the pole support going through the stone.
Special design for the island to serve more as a talbe for their outside grill area.
Notice here how we cut the splashes to match with the top. This is how we try to cut all our pieces at no additional charge.
Ricon performed this job in The Country Club of Louisiana. What you're looking at are the cabinets and backsplash area around and behind where a large 60" stove will sit. Onyx is a stone that often has portions that are translucent. So the customers also asked us to add some lighting behind the stone so that when they turned on the the lights around the stove area, the stone would glow as you can see here in the photo. This job was done with 2cm Royal Green Onyx, or sometimes called Green Onyx. The Countertops, (not shown) were a different color stone.

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